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I have tried over and over again to ask people to keep it civil. I have a 5 yr old daughter who I am proud to say has won awards for her reading ability. She loves to sit next to me and watch me play, and to help with mining rocks. Unfortunately, she also likes to read. I keep it on civil so she can practice. Too often, even though I have censored words checked, a lot of stuff still gets through. There is an uncivil channel for people who want to talk that way. or there are PM's. Civil was set up to be just that, civil. Do you really need everything spelled out to know that some things are definitely not civil? Read the terms of use, and people seem to miss the third rule... 3. Don't be annoying or a jerk to other players or moderators.

All I have asked is to keep civil civil. If that upsets you, then I'm sorry, but some of us do not want our children seeing this sort of behavior in civil.
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