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Originally Posted by Brother View Post
A Guide for Companions (Acquiring your first ones)

1. Go to Fenelia (T3) and purchase the items "Bunch of Raw Meat" and "Bouquet of Roses". The meat is 1,000,000 gold and the roses are 2,500,000 gold. There is an additional optional item in Crella called "Bouquet of Orchids". The orchids are 10,000,000 gold.
Be careful. A PK could steal your roses, but not your expensive orchids because they are legendary.

2. Fight in any square, then set your "Bunch of Raw Meat" as you would a trap. You'll see the rising text that says "It goes plarp on the ground. Nothing attracts companions quite like meat and combat." Once you plarp it, you don't have to check it. Just leave it there. Don't move it. You're doing it right. You'll never lose it. It will never be consumed. Be at peace. I recommend a corner slot of your storage window.

3. Fight in that same square in which you plarped meat. After combat and looting, upon clicking EXIT, there is a chance for a companion to appear. This is noted by hearing the arena gong. If it occurs, it will occur immediately upon clicking EXIT. It might take you 1 fight or 1000 fights. Just keep fighting. A companion will walk/dance/fly across the screen from right to left. A gong will also sound. You won't miss it. You have plenty of time to capture it. PLENTY of time. Endless time as long as you do not re-enter combat or move from the square. You can resource or wait until someone brings a flower to you to capture it.

4. When you hear the gong and see the companion, go to your Inventory and right-click your Bouquet of Roses/Orchids and use it. This presents an offering to the companion.

-Bouquet of Roses is for walking companions.

-Bouquet of Orchids is for dancing companions (variant of walking companions).

You'll capture it and your Bouquet of Roses/Orchids gets consumed. Done. You did it! Celebrate by giving someone a pineapple! Also don't worry about using Bouquet of Orchids when you needed to use Bouquet or Roses. The companion will still be there so you can use the Bouquet of Roses correctly. And this doesn't even consume the Bouquet of Orchids if used incorrectly. Confirmed, bro. I did it. I experienced it. It was frightening. No worries though. It's fine.

There are two variants of each companion type: a walking version and a rarer dancing version. There is also a legendary version of both the walking and dancing types. The only difference between walking and dancing companions is their appearance, but they are impressed by different items. You will be able to tell if a companion is walking or dancing when they first appear on your screen, however, whether or not you obtain a legendary variant, which has a +1 level modifier, depends on luck.

4b. If the companion that appears is already one you have, and you offer it a Bouquet of Roses/Orchids , there is a chance to obtain an LG version of the companion. However, this will consume the Bouquet of Roses/Orchids whether you are successful or not in attempting to LG-up your companion. As a mercy, your subsequent attempts have a rate up for obtaining an LG companion the next time one appears.

5. Check your Accomplishments window (to the left of your LOG OUT button) to level/set/feed/unlock slots/etc for all your companion uses.

6. When a companion joins you, it is permanent. You will be able to assign that companion a skill (such as travel time reduction, item fetching, etc) and then train them. Training can be accomplished in two ways:
You can right click any Stats skill and divert all kill experience toward a companion. You can also feed a companion trophies. You can only teach them so much at a time, however, and exp gains will diminish due to over-training in a single day, then return to normal the next day.
Feeding companions trophies is also essential to maintaining their morale. An unhappy companion will not provide full benefits.

Them being happy will last 1 week then you'll need to feed them a bunch again.


Easiest method: Plarp meat in a low level zone. Many do so right outside Stronhad. Fight. One-shot. Exit. Repeat until you get a creepy-crawly companion. For those of you who have premium accounts, it even works whilst in Travel Mode.

Methodical method: You want companions? You REALLY want companions? Then plarp meats in several squares. I mean lots.
Ten? Fifteen? It's up to you! After reset, those squares in which you plarped meat will have better rates of companions appearing for the first handful of fights on that square. FOR EACH SQUARE. Confirmed many times. Trust me. I'm your brother.

Also, don't sweat it. This is content heavily leaning toward end-game and capped players. Your first companion will likely cost you 3,500,000 gold and a little patience. I recommend Modest Dividends as a first skill to train for your companion (it's the one that boosts your regular gold chests)

Other Things to Note:
There is a companion experience bonus based on the total number of all companions. Each companion you have increases companion experience gains by 5% unless it is an LG companion, in which case the bonus is 10%

There is a companion experience penalty based on the total trained level of all your companions. It is 5% per level. This means that it is more efficient to only train a few companions but to have as many as possible.

Only a active companions give a bonus You have up to 6 active slots.

Active companions are visible to you and others when inspecting.

Activating two companions with the same skill at the same time is not possible

Companions, their skills, morale, and everything are retained through rerolls and permanent deaths.

If you acquire a legendary version of a companion you already have, it will replace the one you had while retaining its level and experience. However, if you decide to change the skill a companion is using, it will reset its level back to 0.

Each companion you acquire counts as an accomplishment. Legendary companions, since they can replace standard companions, count as two accomplishments.

The only time using flowers is a potential waste is when you already have a type of companion and you are attempting to get its legendary counterpart. Even then, however, the failure will increase your chances of getting a legendary the next time.

Different companions appear in different zones. Low level zones only have a limited selection.

Leveling companions is not benefited by boon or PK bonus. All other experience bonuses will help them as expected.

7. companion skills

MOUNTED - You straddle your companion and encourage it to run in your special way. This reduces travel time by up to 50% at level 10. Effect enhanced when in PK mode (flashing red), reducing travel time by up to 60%

GOLDEN SCARAB - Your companion aids in searching for hidden gold. This provides up to a 10% chance at level 10 of turning a gold rush into a double gold rush.

MODEST DIVIDENDS - Your companion assists by gathering the dust from the corners every chest, increasing gold collected from non-rushes by up to 10% at level 10

SWORD SHEATH - Your companion gives you a place to put your pointy bits, decreasing the weight of all items in equipment slots by up to 50% at level 10

DUST MONGER - Your pet develops a keen sense of smell and uses it to distinguish the finest dusts. This provides up to a 25% chance at level 10 to increase the tier of any dust collected during resourcing.

WISE RUB - Your companion gives you a deep tissue scalp massage. This provides up to a 20% chance at level 10 to turn a double experience rush into a quad exp rush instead.

BLOODHOUND - Your companion gains the ability to pick up the most minute traces of scent. This aids in your ability to track, decreasing the time it takes by half at level 10.

ITEM FETCHING - Your companion seeks to please its master. It will bring to you any stack of items from your remote storage, taking from twenty minutes at level 1 to two minutes at level 10. Only companions who are capable of flying can learn this.

ITEM TRANSPORT - Your companion is your beast of burden. It will continually transport items from one storage location to another, taking as little as 1 minute per stack at level 10. Only companions who are capable of flying can learn this.

MASTER OF SHADOWS - Your companion aids you in being a slithery little sneaky snake, reducing the time it takes to log out after forcing PvP combat from thirty mins to twenty mins at level 10.

edited version i'll use for the nba. ofc i'll credit you brother. and glitch.
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