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Haste is ridiculously strong in PvE; you can get pretty close to halving the delay of your weapon with up-tiered aliangel bp and badgers, with r5 gems and r6 quicksteel. I believe last time I did the maths it was somewhere around 170% swing speed. With a weapon of 40 delay (let's say spear of providence) you're getting pretty close to 23 delay. Combine that with the superb min damage of pierce weapons and you're getting hemorrhages of 750+ every 6 seconds with weighted, not including double attack procs or crits.

Sure, Honey Badgers might not be the best pet but if you have two of them and you're pure melee dps, then you aren't sacrificing much by not going timmys and getting the extra 12.36% haste that 2x Badgers would give you.
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