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LG Skill Tops List
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Default LG Skill Tops List

Hey Glitch

We should have an LG Skill tops list with both levels raised & attempted levels. Why? 2 Reasons:

1) (not serious) Nod players need something else to brag about. For those at the top, instead of just generating gold to buy new weapons, there could be some serious competition for skills which might (or might not) provide value. It's sort of like accomplishments: "Do I really need to collect all the sinews? But then, I'd get a couple more accomplishments... Hmm..."

2) (serious) I suspect there is psychological benefit to knowing that one isn't the only lost soul banging one's head uselessly against a wall. The health bonus list is nice because it's an insight into how many people have lost parts of their lives over pilgrimage and I think this would do the same. It's a misery loves company thing.
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