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Default Ancients Might

(Open RP)
An Introduction

“Shadow” sat still at a round table near the eastern wall of the tavern. His arms laid flatly across it's surface, one hand laying atop the other. The ridges of the old wood sticking up and pressing against his skin through the fabric of his sleeve. Numerous tables scattered the cold stone floor. Many had two or three people sitting together, talking and drinking their ale. A few of the tables were filled with the maximum of five people chatting away and getting drunk. Different types were scattered through the crowd, most sitting though some stood in crowds. There were travelers, workers, farmers, and old graying men. A few men here and there stood around the tavern with a mug in one hand, and excitedly moving their free hand around, telling fantastic stories of there adventures and battles. Those standing around and those sitting nearby watch intently. Of course they were adventurers, whether they were lying or not, these stories usually got them another round.

Though he tried to ignore such distractions, he was on important “business”. His body was mostly covered by a dark cloak, almost black. A large hood hung over his head, keeping his face in shadow. Only the tip of his nose and chin stuck out, the chin showing a thick patch of stubbly hairs. Dim light illuminated the tavern, throwing shadows across the man’s face that sat across from him. Both of their heads were leaning over the table. The man whispered hurriedly, “I just don‘t know if I can go through with it. What if somebody finds out, I would be ruined. No, worse!”

The man “Shadow” shook his head, leaning in closer, their faces only inches apart. The chair squeaked a bit, scooting back closer to the wall, as it was positioned there for a better view of both the front and side door. ”I would suggest otherwise Halvard. I‘ll need more from you than that.”

“But… I just can’t. You know how things are.” said Halvard as his eyes darted to the left and right.

A sly little smile spread across his face, though hidden by the shadows "Do you really think I would come here of all places just for that worthless bit of information. I‘ll need more than that, or have you forgotten just who I am.” Before the man could answer the front door opened, it was situated nearly twenty feet from their position, nearly center of the wall on the left side of the building. A man stood in the threshold, behind him the dusky dark light outside could clearly be seen. Armor covered most of his body, there was a gold colored symbol center of his chest plate Damn, a soldier. “Shadow” turned his eyes from the soldier and began speaking to Halvard again, ”Well, It seems like it‘s just about time for me to leave. Be sure to keep this little meeting of ours secret.” Halvard shook his head yes as “Shadow” stood up from the table, working his way through the people, nearly bumping into a woman serving drinks, walking to the side exit which was situated almost right next to the bar. Suddenly a hand lay upon his shoulder, looking back, it was the soldier.

He imagined himself spinning around and knocking the soldiers hand away, before leaping backwards with a spray of throwing knives, all embedding themselves into the man's body like a pin cushion. Of course he didn't do this, he simply spun around punching the soldier in his nicely unguarded face, before running to the door and throwing it open. Of course things couldn't go so well, Dammit!, he thought as the door revealed three new soldiers on the other side. His eyes darted between the three, their faces stern, gripping their swords tightly. The defeat was easily seen across his face. "Shadow" then turned around, the soldier he just punched lumbered towards him with blood running from his nose, it was red, and beginning to swell. He wore a disgusted and angry look on his face. Three more soldiers were working their way to him through the stunned patrons, several of whom were whispering.

"Desmond Aarhus" said one one of the approaching men.

Desmond put on a dumbfounded smile, "Oh, you think that I'm this Desmond guy." He could see Halvard slowly creeping out of the tavern. Yeah, go ahead, get out of here you bastard.

The man pulled out a scroll, "That would be because you are." He then began to read from it naming off various crimes and such. Yes, Desmond should be seeing bars for a fairly long time. Before long two soldiers grabbed him by the arms and escorted him into the darkening streets, leading him to his new "home", the Gaaryule Prison.

Desmond or "Shadow" has broken a few laws of course. His search his been going on for quite a while now. Gathering information here and there, some from his informants. He's occasional had to "acquire" things from important people. Though to him it was all perfectly reasonable and worthwhile, fore what he was looking for was of the utmost value. Others beside him also searched, though not only because it was valuable, but because of the power it held. A power so great, the world would fall to the holder. As such was the nature of the relics of the ancients. The ancients relics often could do strange things, though there were several that are said to hold terrible power, like the one Desmond is searching for. Only few know of it, those that do, call it, Sanctus Fire, Rod of the Decrepit, or Star Gem. Though, whether or not these are all the same thing is yet to be determined.

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