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Coming Haste
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Post Coming Haste

Desmond opened his eyes, wincing at the pain coming from his torso. Slowly rolling to his left side to push himself up, he looked around the area. Tall grass, weeds, a scattering of trees, and the edge of a forest about twenty feet away. Above, a partially cloudy sky with the sun low over the horizon. Desmond pushed himself to his feet"It must be the next day" he mumbled to himself picked up the sword next to him and then leaned his back up against a tree.

He stood there under the shade of the tree grimacing as each breath shot pain through his chest. Damn, with my ribs and guts the way they are I'm going to be crippled in any situation where I really need to move. He brought the mithril sword up checking it over, the blade sharp and in good condition, to Desmond's satisfaction. Overall, a good quality mithril weapon.

After a couple minutes of checking over his sword he began to hear noise coming from the woods. He pushed himself away from the tree as the cacophony of breaking sticks and rustling of leaves grew louder as the cause of the sounds grew closer. Soon his rescuer burst from the tree line, worry clearly written in his features. Desmond's stance changing, ready for action as something was obviously wrong.

Desmond spoke up loudly enough for the other man to hear through heavy breathing, thudding footsteps, and distance. "What's happened!"

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