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When finally Castus woke he decided to check on the man he had just rescued. "Desmond... Desmond wake up.". He waited a few moments to see if he would wake, but the man seemed to still be out cold. A few moments passed before Castus gave up and went to check his supplies.

Sitting down at the feet of Desmond, he aimed his right hand at the ground a few paces away and quitly spoke, "Parva Ignis". A slight blue glow humed to life from the shackle on his wrist and then a small flame started to form where his hand was pointed. Damn... I guess its going to take a little extra on top of any spell I try to perform... He then started speaking as he gathered the items back into the sack "At least we managed to grab these swords from that creature, weapons won't be easy to obtain."

He then took to looking through the small pouch of supplies he was able to get together before the breakout. Castus took the leather pouch and emptied it on the ground. Inside were 30 gold coins, two simple spell gems containing ice magic, a few strips of dried meat, and a key to his home. Well it's not much but at least I have some basic supplies... doubt the key will do much good for a while as we are not likely to be going back that way for some time.

Taking stock of his supplies he decided it would be best to scout the woods a little, and try to get some food while he was at it. In any event it appeared he had some time before Desmond would wake. He then laid one of the mythril blades beside Desmond and walked into the woods.

The woods were quite today, with only a few insects daring to break the silence with their methodical buzzing and chirping. Then again it was possible he was just not paying enough attention, as the day before still replayed over and over in his head. Still he couldn't figure out just why this Desmond was so important to the council. Nothing really made since when it came to the council but this... this seemed almost desperate. Never before had the council held so much interest in one man, let alone a criminal.

He was still lost in thought walking through the woods when something on the ground grabbed his attention. It was something shiny, stuck in the ground partially obscured by the leaves covering the ground. Castus knelt down for closer inspection and realized the glinting object was head of an arrow poking through the leaves. He then picked up the arrow for inspection. The arrow seemed pristine for having been laying in the woods, the metal tip was polished to perfection reflecting the scaint light of the woods like a mirror. It was carved from a dark wood, something that was rare for the area, but the most signigicant detail was in the fletching. The feathers adorning the arrow were very unique, a shade of deepest blue that would appear to be black until bathed in light.

Castus looked it over for a moment before realizing this arrow belonged to a group of merceniares known as The Azure Night. No doubt they had been hired to track down the people responsible for the recent jail break they were behind. This was a troubeling development on two fronts, firstly The Azure Night had a reputation for succes in all their years they had only failed a handful of contracts out of the thousands they had accepted, and secondly this arrow meant they had already found a reason to engage in combat, as these arrows are made with only killing in mind. It's said each arrow is dipped in a potent poison before every mission. Obviously they wouldn't use poisened arrows if they were hunting game...

Castus then turned on his heels and sprinted back towards camp. He needed to wake Desmond as soon as possible, show him the arrow, and get the hell out of area before the Azure Night or whatever they were after found them.
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