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Castus stood his body struggling to draw in each breath. His hand still gripped the wraiths blade tightly forcing the blood out his knuckles. It took a few moments before the realization finally sat in... The creature was gone, for now at least.

Desmond then spoke through strained breath. "I think I'm...going to pass out...soon. And...don't...forget the...other mythril...sword." His head then fell with a audible thud as Desmond fell asleep. Castus looked around for a moment before silently cursing the sleeping man. They were after all still on the grounds of a prison they had just broken out off. Add in this recent commotion and most of the cavalry should be showing up in a few minutes.

Castus then took Desmonds advice and stowed both of the wraiths mythril blades for safe keeping. After a minute or two of struggling, Castus was able to lift Desmond onto his shoulder. His travel speed was greatly cut from the weight of his companion but the fatigue of battle burdened him much greater.

It took them some time but they had finally made it a good distance from the prison grounds. Castus had found a rather large wooded area, and after a fair bit of cursing managed to drag the group into a small clearing. Taking the opportunity Castus then promptly went to sleep.
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