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Castus was locked in a stalemate with the wraith his blade firmly held in place by his opponents guard. The struggle was quick lived though for in a moments time Desmond had taken the opening and pierced through the creatures right shoulder. Blood splattered onto the face of Castus almost causing a panic to course through him. And then the mythril blade hit the ground giving off an almost beautiful glass bell like ring, its chime a spark of action in Castus.

His body snapped forward as he dove towards the sound of the clattering blade. Entering into a roll on landing, his hand griped upon the handle of the sword he quickly brought it arcing upwards towards the wraith. The sword glided effortlessly through the creatures gullet slicing open the flesh like substance. Rage immediately washed over the creature and it lashed out smashing his left leg squarely into the abdomen of Castus sending him several feet backwards and causing the room to quickly dim.

The light still escaped his eyes when he heard the distinct sound thunder cracking in the room. Lightning then exploded through the air with an deafening boom. Castus struggeled to regain his senses, his eyes finally refocusing on the situation at hand. He saw the wraith standing stunned, a dark mist now replacing what was once its robes. It was time to act, Castus ran forward reading the mythril blade griping its handle tightly. Three steps later Castus had cleared the distance and brought the sword down quickly at the wraiths skull.

It must have been shear instinct but never the less the wraith moved... Even still the blade bite flesh and severed through the creatures already injured right arm. The wraith screamed and thrashed in a wild motion dropping the other blade to grip the blackened stump where his arm once was. It then completely stopped moving and locked its eyes towards Castus and Desmond starring at them silently for almost ten seconds before a electricity filled the air and the creature disappeared in a flash of black light leaving its severed arm behind...
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