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"Desmond it seems his left hand side is open to attack, perhaps only the glowing eye is truly functional!" shouted Castus.

Desmond's eyes darting to the black liquid dripping to the ground, then the wound on the Wraith's left arm. A dark smile appearing on his face as it began it's attempt to make Castus pay 'blood for blood'. "Well, isn't that interesting?" he said before he charged the Wraith, slamming his weapon down upon it as hard as he could. Catching him in it's peripheral vision it swung it's right blade up catching his attack. It's concentration still on Castus, barely holding out with it's injured arm.

This was when Desmond kicked the distracted Wraith in the stomach, causing it to take a step back and unsettling it's concentration. Castus took the opening thrusting towards it's chest. The Wraith, with it's eye still mostly concentrated on him brought both of it's blades down in an X, trapping the steel blade and driving it to the ground. Desmond then quickly thrust his blade up towards the creature's neck, intending to finish it off. It did not work, the Wraith titled it's body to it's left, dodging the thrust and trying to unsettle Castus or break the blade by shifting his two weapons with him, the blackened steel straining under the force. Though this struggle ended as soon as it began. The creature howling as Desmond penetrated it's shoulder. It's dark blood giving a quick spurt as the tip burst out of the back of the shoulder, it's mythril sword dropping from it's right hand.

Desmond's heart beat fast in his chest, his body quickly wearing down from the prison. Right now it seemed as if he could barely hold his sword up. He was tired, hell, he was pretty sure he hadn't been this tired in his life. His recent spurt of activity now catching up to him and his underused muscles. His attention was certainly beginning to waver which is why he was surprised when the Wraith lashed out with it's fist in such primal ferocity and a roar of rage escaping from it's mouth. Blood flew from his mouth as the escapee's body was sent back ten feet and hitting the ground with a limp roll.

Pain, shooting all through his torso, he was sure some ribs were broken. Son of a... he thought as he coughed some blood up. He's stronger than I thought, mind now turning towards getting up. He rolled onto his arms and pushed himself off the ground, his arms wobbling under his heaving from. The bread and cheese he had eaten in prison spewed onto the ground along with some blood. Oh, he new this...wraith, was coming, he could feel it. Which is why he was not surprised when he looked up to see the dark form before him, though he was surprised to see a wound across it's stomach. Guess that guy got him after this 'wraith' hit me., he wanted to chuckle at it's pain but he knew it would hurt, so he held it in.

Desmond let himself roll onto his side while bracing his sword in front of him. It was obvious what was coming and it did, just as his sword was readied. The blow from the wraith's sword caused him to roll back five feet from the force, as the upper half of his now broken iron sword flew through the air. He held the hilt of his broken sword up. I can't do much with this he though with worry as the wraith approached him again. His hand falling too his pouch and eyes brightening. The spell crystal he thought with glee. He slowly pulled out the blue and yellow tinted stone, his eyes gazing at it. Smiling he thought, Let's see how he likes this shocking surprise he thought.

With a small application of his will and strong throw the crystal hit the ground roughly at it's feet, shattering and releasing it's entire charge at ounce. there was a quick flash, and a bolt of lightning struck the creature, bringing the smell of burnt atmosphere, a shuddering boom, and dirt flying up from it's strike. Then in an instant smaller bolts began arcing and playing across the Wraith's body. A violent dance arcing across it's skin and through it's body. A unearthly scream of pain echoing from it's mouth. It's cloak being torn asunder, and becoming...mist.

Black mist played over it's body now, revealing some of itself. It's flesh gray, marred, and with boils. Patches of scales and numerous scars. It's head bald, one eye glowing red with fury, the other looking dead. It had no nose only slits, and a lipless mouth revealing a maw full of sharp crooked teeth.

__________________________________________________ ____________

Albrose waited out in a field, no one in site. He had begun sending out a magical beacon only a minute before. But this was too long for him. But before he could become even more frustrated he could feel magical portals opening. Three to be exact. Without even looking he spoke, Well, The Council. I'm so happy you were able to show up. You were able to get here rather quickly, though you were a little slow with your detection.

Albrose, I didn't think you would be stupid enough to reveal yourself like this. But I suppose it's true, this is proof enouph. spoke the leader of the Council, Nox. So, you've been the one working against us? That magic can now be linked to you. We will have to deal with you or the king...

"Enough!!" shouted Albrose. "You will do nothing! You are too weak to harm me! Your are too weak for your own mission! That privilege no longer belongs to you! Only to the worthy!"

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