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The two had quickly approached the figure unsure of what to expect next. It did not take long however for them to realize the figure was intent on eliminating them. The figure had simply waited for Desmond to reach a particular point on the grounds before it launched another mighty ball of flame towards Desmond. Fortunately he had enough time to dive to the ground avoiding the spell completley. As the ball of flame passed over his accomplice Castus could feel a strange sensation coming of the iron shackle adorning his left hand. He quickly looked at his arm and saw the shackle now glowing a bright blue, he then noticed the hissing sound of the flame quickly approching.

Damn It! What else have those accursed council members done to this beacon!

With his shackle drawing the spell towards him it was now impossible to avoid, so he raised the iron bond in front of his other arm hoping the iron's enchantments would somehow help lessen the damage. Fortunately though the spell launched at Desmond was not intended to travel over much distance and had lost much of its potency by this time. He braced as much as possible and the ball of flame burst upon his flesh, it was over in seconds and he was left with a searing pain in his left arm but that seemed to be the only affected area. It seemed their was more to his bond than originally guessed, as the still glowing band of metal had obviously absorbed some of the magic held in the spell.

" careful, those swords can quite possibly smash right through our blades!"

Desmonds voice rang out forcing Castus to regain his focus. Luckily the wraith like figure had been to busy trying to cleave apart Desmond to take notice of anyone else. Castus then ran along towards the two of them trying to avoid the path the of figures glowing right eye. Only a few seconds passed before Castus had cleared the distance between them and swung his new blackened steel at his opponents left arm. The steel edge glided through the black fabric cloak and dug deep into the flesh, causing their opponent to scream out in pain. The large gash quickly filled with a strange black fluid that appeared to be much thinner than a mans blood. The fluid ran down the enemy's arm and dripped vigorously onto the ground.

"Desmond it seems his left hand side is open to attack, perhaps only the glowing eye is truly functional!"

The wraith then turned his attention to Castus swinging his silvery blades wildly. His right arm moved so quickly it was impossible to block and difficult to even successfully evade, but his left arm now moved considerably slower which made it child's play to parry strikes from that arm.

.................................................. .................................................. .

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