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Of Hollow Steel
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Default Of Hollow Steel

The clang of metal on metal rang out again as the warriors in front of them lunged forth in unison trying to cleave through any exposed body parts. Each time they lunged they would again retreat back to the doorway leaving no room to circumvent the trap they had sprung. And in what only seemed like seconds even more armed guards piled into the room from the hallway the two men had used in their escape.

One of the men standing in front of the doorway then spoke,

" Lay down your weapons or die as you can see your odds have just taken an even bigger turn for the worse!"

It was in these moments that Castus began trying to come to grips with his failure. A failure that would inevitably cost both of them their lives...

Castus knew the battle was over but he wouldn't just lay down and die... The man slowly lowered his right hand towards the ground, then just before the tip of the blade made contact with the stone floor he flicked his wrist upwards and flung the steel blade towards the captain instructing him to surrender. The sudden move surprised them all apparently as not even the target had time to respond. Whistling threw the air the blade soon found its mark cleaving through the captains chain mail neck guard and pinning him to the doors. It was only then the room grew quit enough to hear the storm raging outside.

A few seconds went by but no one moved it was as if time itself had commanded this point in history to freeze. Rain pelted against the grand doors, its droplets falling so hard they could sometimes be heard bouncing off the small metal tip of the new blood stained adornment outside... The chorus was quickly cut short however when an almost deafening thunder clap cut through the silence.

Or at least that is what Castus had assumed the sound to be. The thunder clap had been quickly followed up with in immense red light pouring through the cracks in the large wooden doors. Seconds passed and the light grew more intense, as the light grew the wooden seemed to darken turning almost completely black around the spaces where the red light shun brightest. Flames the sprung to life poking through the now widening holes like the tongue of a hungry dragon, and within seconds catastrophe.

The doors were then eviscerated as the flames suddenly burst forth in a great tide consuming the armed guards standing in front of them so completely only their metal garb remained to bear their testament. These flames were quick lived however and lost their strength almost immediately fading away before the wave of death reached the two. In their wake was a charred doorway cloaked in smoke and ruble. Through the smoke and rain however a lone figure could be made out its only remarkable feature being a single glowing white eye on the right side.

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