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It was Desmond that spoke first."I'm glad you know the way, whoever you are. I would probably be lost by now."

"It's not very far to be honest, had they kept you deeper within these walls this day may have gone differently." With that he trailed off preferring to save the niceties for a time when men weren't actively trying to kill them.

Their path continued for some time with random guards running into them throughout the halls each one dying quicker than the last. It seemed an endless supply of men roamed these halls, obviously a facility such as this would require a large force to keep controlled but still Castus couldn't help but wonder how many could be left.

It was not long however before he found the room he had been heading for. They now stood in the entryway of the prison the large desk was still empty but the rest of the room was another story. He had hoped to beat the soldiers here but it was a small hope in the first place. And now a small legion of twenty soldiers stood guarding the large double doors all clad in combination of chain and plate mail, the plate mail guarded the vital areas such as the head and torso. While they wore simple chain around their arms and legs to preserve speed and flexibility. As for weapons they all wielded halberds but kept short swords sheathed on their sides. This was a clear distinguishing mark of a high ranking military unit.

" I had hoped we would avoid this, means there are probably even more of them outside... Hope your ready Desmond."

He then lunged forward and dashed towards the group of soldiers, at the midway point he dove into a roll which ended just infront of an enemy. Using this momentum he thrust his sword upward and drove his blade in between the chain mail that lay in between the plate armor of the mans torso and helmet... leaving chain mail to protect their throats had proven to a be mistake. Castus then quickly followed up and threw his dagger downward pinning down the foot of the man standing next to him. Now the soldiers had recovered and as a single unit all lunged forward hoping to kill Castus in one quick thrust. But their armor slowed their movements and Castus jumped backwards narrowly avoiding the wall the steel.

He then spoke to the man he had rescued without taking his gaze from their enemy.

"This is going to take much to long at this rate."
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