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As he expected his target was quick to agree with his plan of action. Castus was fortunate to remember his previous path and it would be a quick journey back through the prison, good news having just broken a prisoner loose. Soon enough the guards were onto them, three came from a side wall and gave a vain order to halt. Desmond was swift in driving his new sword into the guard in front and in quick order brought down the guard to the left. But this left him far from striking distance to what had been the final guard before another showed up. Luckily his display had forced the last two guards to forget all about Castus, who quickly brought his right hand to his left hand side where he would normally keep his sword.

This time however he had entered the prison without his weapon. His hand was forced and the only option was to drain the final reserves of his magic. Castus brought his right hand up and pointed it at the man now charging towards Desmond.

"Iacio silicis"

As the words left his mouth the iron clasp on his left arm gave off a slight blue glow which drained a fraction of the magic he had intended to use on his target. Still the spell took hold and in seconds the loose rocks around the hall ways started pulling themselves off the ground. A single second passed after this point and then the small stones all lodged themselves deep into the guards body. With his magic now drained he walked forward and grabbed one of the several blades now littering the stone floor.

With his new weapon at the ready he went back to leading the way out of the prison.

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