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The Escape Begins
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Post The Escape Begins

The warden sat in his chair in his large office, having no needs or hardship while brutality was carried out in the building surrounding him. He sat content as the man on the other side of his desk finished speaking. Taking a sip of his drink and brushing away a speck of dirt on his nice clothing, he then leaned forward, closer to the desk. Looking at the man before him, the King's adviser, he spoke. "I see. I'll have him brought in right away Albrose".

The warden then looked to the door and called for a guard standing outside. When the man walked in, before he could even react the warden said "Take a few men and bring the prisoner Desmond Aarhus, immediately!" The guard quickly left the room to do as he was told. The warden looked at his glass a few seconds before returning his gaze to Albrose. "This plan of yours, it seems kind of desperate. There are so many ways it could go wrong. But I guess this is the best chance to get it."

Albrose gave a cold look, "The feasibility or appearance of this plan are no concern of yours Farrel". The words nearly emotionless except a hint anger.

Farrel seemed to brush it aside and gave a deep sigh. "Just as long as I'm compensated it doesn’t matter to me. Just an idol observation. I do hate to loose good men though. Too bad those guards have to die."

Ambrose spoke in reply, "Do not worry. You will be adequately compensated for your dealings in this. And the guards, it is something that must be. No undesirable can know, so they must be silenced."

Desmond sat in his cell just as he has any other time, waiting, but for what. He didn't even know himself. He only had hope, hope that something would happen, something that would give him the chance he needs to escape. Little did he know that that something was going to happen sooner and in a much different way than he expected.

He could hear a commotion in another hall. The inmates shouting and cursing, and then barely audible replies over the noise. Probably a guard he thought. But it isn't time for a guard yet, he wondered what could be happening. Then, he could hear the door in the hall opening up and people walking to his cell. He could see the guard through the barred opening in the door, but a other man was mostly obscured.

The guard then spoke "All right ere you go now hurry up. Desmond better enjoy the company while it lasts." This of course surprised him. A visitor, who would come to see me? I can't believe they would even let them in. It was then that 'Shadow' heard a blade penetrating flesh and a small gasp before a body fell to the ground.

It was then that something even more shocking happened when he heard the mysterious man on the other side of the door speak, "Senium". Not long after that the metal of the lock began to rust, rapidly, and door handles seemed to fall apart and dissolve to nothing but rusty flakes on the floor. This leaving the door to simply swing open.

The man then stepped into the cell, saying the same thing again and his cuffs and chains dissolved, just like the lock. Magic, Desmond though as his brown eyes watched the metal fall apart. He then stood up before the man, but before he could say anything the man spoke first. Desmond of course agreed with what was said, he would indeed need a sword. So he swiped the guards.

As Desmond began following the strange rescuer they soon ran into three guards who walked out from a side hall. Without a hint of hesitation, he thrust his blade into the lead guard, whose eyes widened in surprise. Wasting no time he pulled the blade effortlessly from the body while dashing to the guard on the left, slashing the blade right across the mans throat as the guards blade left the sheath, the blade immediately falling to the floor.

That's two down he thought. He looked as the guard farthest away had his sword out. Then immediately in front of them came another guard, running with sword in position.

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