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Crimson Steel
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Default Crimson Steel

There was one fortunate thing about having been brought back to the order's base of operations. It was conveniently placed within the city of Gaaryule making the trip to the jail relatively quick. Obviously he wouldn't be able to simply flash a pardon and get his target released firstly because he no longer held the political power granted by the order and second the council leader of the order "Nox" as he calls himself had passed over giving Castus the name of the person he was to free.

I suppose placing steel in flesh will not solve anything here either... luckily prison guards hardly have an intelligent reputation.

It was no time before he was walking through the massive wooden doors to the prison. The walls were all the same uniform slightly damp grey stone. A few torches burned around the room lighting up the bleak environment. The entry room guarded the only other exit and directly beside the hall way leading into the prison chambers sat a large wooden desk and behind it sat a rather large man. The man obviously disliked visitors and as quickly as his girth would allow stood up.

" AY what are you doing here? This is a... re...restricted area no civilians allowed!"

Castus slowly walked up to the desk and placed his hands on the edge of the wood. He then moved his right hand to the side and revealed a small pile of gold coins.

" " A dear friend of mine has just been brought in here. I believe he has been mistaken for someone else and is now being kept in your high security areas. Now I know you can do nothing to change his situation but could you find a way for me to speak to him before an unfortunate fate finds him."

The man behind the desk looked him over for a few seconds while nervously tapping his fingers on the top of his desk. After a few minutes passed he grabbed the coins and began to fumble around in the drawers until finding a large ring of keys.

" Follow me. "

The guard then took them through a virtual maze of cells. The prisoners all howling crude obscenities at the guard in front of him, some even going to such lengths as to throw their own... creations at the poor man. Whipping away the residue the leading man began to shout every foul word he could think of at the inmates while unlocking another large door and pointing at Castus to step inside first. After the guard immediately followed forgetting to re-lock the door. Within a few moments the guard stopped in front cell and began to speak.

" All right ere you go now hurry up. Desmond better enjoy the company while it lasts.

With this Castus quickly pulled a small dagger our from under his cloak and placed it into the guards throat. Blood splattered out around the blade with a few drops of the crimson liquid staining the white fabric of his clothing. The man gurgled on his own fluids for a few seconds and then his eyes stopped twitching and he feel to the floor. Castus then turned to the cell that held his target and used the knowledge granted to him from The Order. He pointed his hand at the lock on the cast iron bars and then focused his energy.


Quickly the lock began to change colors. Going from the solid gray it was and becoming a dull brown. Soon after the metal obtained a vigorous build up of rust and within moments the metal began to simply flak away leaving the metal bars to slowly sway open. Castus then stepped into the room and repeated the spell on the clasps binding the man to the wall.

" No time to explain, grab the guards sword and lets move."

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