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Originally Posted by Turkeygoesmoo View Post
You successfully made a post explaining your own self-importance AND victimized yourself all at once. Congratulations.
Whatever bothers you , don't worry -time heals many things and if things in your life "mulfunction" usually medicine or technology can fix it .

Try to be happy 😀

We deal with bitter people all the time and only reason they let things out on others because they deal with things that overwhelms them .

I really hope things will work out for you (fingers crossed) and you will find your happiness 😊

If you want me to be your punching bag I'll be glad to help you that way 🎵🎵hit me with your best shot !...🎵🎵🎵

All the best buddy

Ps . Thanks flip for your input - maybe you right - 2x 7 tempers will work better than 1 x8 anyways and tokens are true limit in this case.
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