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Originally Posted by Soxson View Post
You have a good point. We should be looking at the issue itself, not making more crappy gear that are only good for/against a very specific build type but impractical anywhere else. People like gear that are flexible among different builds and uses and don't want to include specialized purpose stuff like that. Adding anti this and that LGs doesn't really work out like people want it to.
More 'crappy gear' (that some of the people who say it sucks are already using) has come to be our preferred method of re-balancing, not out of complete ignorance, but from two decades of balancing trial and error. Pie in the sky simRPG contributors can disagree all they want. This may look like a lot of complaining, but it is nothing compared to when you actually nerf something that people have invested in.

The counterargument to that in this specific case is that nobody has invested much into drain gems--and that's fair. Tsutsu was probably already in the process of typing "drains are 100k" as a response. So here we may be able to do something out of the ordinary and modify the actual drains. Announcement pending.

After some more analysis, crunching numbers with a quantum computer, there may be some validity to the claim that regen itself is not exactly OP in PvP, even in this format. Not convinced, however, that "teh casters using drains!" is exactly OP either. In general, tanks seem to be both the strongest in this format and the the first to freak out if someone manages to prevent them from taunting - which is a perfectly legit strategy.

But at any rate, we may have some changes in store that will make more people happier, without upsetting the balance (or lackthereof) of power substantially. Announcement pending.
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