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DD Caster Guide (My version)
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Default DD Caster Guide (My version)

well i thought i might aswell post 1 up here as i get a few people asking me in game what stats to put points into, which gems and everything else that a caster gets asked about his build.

NOW keep in mind please that i am not the best caster out there, i am almost at cap (about 4 or 5 hours of grinding and ill be there) and all things i post are MY OPINIONS if you dont agree then please let me know, but also stat reasons why otherwise ill ignore you

im also a necro

ok firstly people ask:

"What stat should i get to 100, what build should i do??"

easily answered:

what ever you feel like, you can go with a cookie cutter skill base and say ill get this to x and this to y and not lvl w and so on and so forth.

I have my stats spread out as this (currently at lvl 69.5)

Melee - 59
Magic - 83
Defence - 59
Recovery - 77

now some will bitch about why am i using recovery etc etc. it helps me therefore i use it. simple as that. if it didnt help me, then i wouldnt use it :O

ok now my stats spread out in those skills are as follows:


STR - 207
DEX - 104
PST - 166


INT - 265
CNC - 143
MST - 141


AGI - 159
CNT - 159
DUR - 159


PRE - 177
MRE - 177
REG - 177

NOTE: these are base stats without bonuses/penalties to stats due to armour and weapons.

ok now we have the stats out of the way and on to the rest of the build

my build is a mix of PvP and PvE as some would notice, by doing this i can battle against mobs/others fairly effectivly.

what i have done is lvled all my stats evenly till about lvl 35 in which case i could solo skelly and i sat there for a few weeks fixing things.

things that i fixed:

i upped my magic stat to about lvl 70 and lowered my recovery right down, (not to 1 but low enough) and stayed on lvl 32 for awhile, i was killing fast enough for it to be worth it, with large exp gains and lots of trophies.

after that i lvled myself to lvl 46 and then was helped PL aswell as doing alot myself aswell to hit lvl cap. there were a couple of reasons for this that ill explain later.

Skill wise, as a necro and focusing on DD magic, my DD gems are made up of Red and Black DD gems. the skills that i lvl are:

Skills needed to lvl!! (besides the actual magic, staves and amount of gems able to be used (1st skill in each section)

Life Magic:

Mental Conservation
Shared Bliss

Psych Magic:

Gem Handling
Mana Vault

Death Magic:

Sleight Of Hand
Burning Soul


Combat Recovery
Mirrored Blade
Combat Endurance
Combat Concentration
Banish Light
Grime Resolution
Null Mind
Battle Mending


Critical Strike
Two Handed
Double Attack
Crush Spec

In my pouch i have a mixture of DD gems and support gems. ALL gems in my pouch have a purpose and are not there as mere fillers. i find this may cost more, but is more effective in battle.

i have my pouch is currently not full or optimised as i have not had the cash to do that lately:

23 DD gems (mix of red and black)
2 flare ups
12 Manaburst/Invigorate gems (these give me mana/energy back)
4 Balance Gems
4 stun/daze prevention gems
1 gem haste gem
1 taunt gem

a few last notes:

When lvling magic and staves and amour skills try to keep them a lvl or 2 above your current player lvl, this is simply to make kills easier.

Being a caster costs a ****load of money, and if your not willing to spend that much gold on it forget it, also if your not willing to sit there and WATCH and interact with every battle then dont be a caster. it saves you time in the long run.

What i done with PLing is common and the reason behind it is this: You get the exp of fighting a black (generally more then what you would get soloing reds on your own) the kills are shorter, and the faster you lvl up the better the trophies you can use are, therefore you get more exp in the long run.

Enchant all your weapons and armour, this makes you stronger. as a caster what i do is this: Helm, Breastplate and Weapon have Int enchants on them (i personally sink all penalities into MRE but any Recovery skill works well) and my sleeves and leggings have STR enchants on them.

With stats hitting the cap (eg magic, melee etc hitting lvl 100) i dont believe it is necessary to do, sure it gives you more stats in those skills, but what about the others. each 1 has a different function that is useful to different people that like their char to be different ways. I have a bit in everything as it seems to me, so far, that it is a stronger build in the end and that is ultimatly what we want.

For thos interested to see how strong my build is my damage ranges from 1 (as all the gems i use do that min damage) to a high crit of 665. my average hit though is around 2-300 (this is with flare up)

with my staff, im currently using the 67 staff, Blue Morpho Wandstaff, i can hit at usually around 120 on a regular hit, but hit up to around 320 with a high crit.

If you have any questions then either ask them here of PM me in game (im always on but not always here sooo in forum is good aswell) my char name is Smashbros

cheers all

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