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Spell Caster and Gem Guide
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Default Spell Caster and Gem Guide

Quick and Dirty Damage Dealing Guide:
1. Buy a staff at the Castille magic shop and equip it
2. Get a skill point in Mind Bending by sacrificing spirit trophies to the altar of dementia inside the church
3. Buy a Krozzixes gem from the Castille magic shop and put it in your FIRST gem slot in your gem pouch. DONE!

Using the above method you will always start with the Krozzixes gem in play which happens to be a gem you can cast multiple times without it being discarded back into your pouch. A greater understanding of the magic system will be necessary for becoming a true caster, however, such as the use of flare-up gems to increase direct damage or using damage over time gems repeatedly because they stack just like everything else in the game except for auras of the same effect.

Older info:
this is a guide to how you can build a fairly good spell caster easily

as a spell caster you should always have a staff equipped as it lowers cost of spells and increases the rate with which you can draw them

you start by getting lvl 1 passive advancement and then use it to lvl the magic types you want to use

as for trophies you should use the combat trophies on protection skills and petmanship under beast mastery and the spirit trophies should be used on wizardry staves and mental conservation since these are required to get spells cost down

now to explain the 3 magic types life magic is primarily heal spells this is green and white gems death magic is primarily damage spells this is red and black gems and psych magic is primarily aura spells this is blue and grey gems

in order to put gems in pouch you need to lvl a skill to the amount of that magic types gems you want to use for life magic its sorcery for death magic its diabolism and for psych magic its mind bending just as an example say you have lvl 3 sorcery then you can equip 3 gems in total that are white or green

also you use spells or gems as they are called in the game by putting them in your gem pouch and then drawing them during combat but always keep 1-3 slots in pouch empty so you can draw escape gems to reduce risk of dying unnessecarily

when starting as new player and being a spell caster the first thing you should do is get green and white magic to lvl 2 and buy the heal spells as they will be usefull untill you get some good damage spells

if i think of anything more ill add it later also if others have anything to add please do
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