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Infernal Weapon Rank 1

Prereq: Red Magic (15)
Gem Color: Red
Energy Cost: 0 Mana Cost: 6
Delay: 10.0 seconds

When in play, the character deals 2-20% additional direct damage each hit. Intelligence determines how likely the character is to deal full additional damage.


Vampiric Weapon Rank 1

Prereq: Black Magic (15)
Gem Color: Black
Energy Cost: 4 Mana Cost: 0
Effective when in play

Each hit drains energy and deals 5% additional direct damage. The character is healed for the amount of added damage.
(Alternatively, the character's mana is restored with each hit. Call the spell Spectral Weapon then or whatever.)
I like the basic concept behind these.. Possibly paving the way for "battle mages" That rely on a carbonation of Buff gems and auras along with some weapons.

Buff gems would work similar to auras, possibly slightly stronger, but they have a short time that they are effective and cost mana/energy.

For instance the Mana shield gems.
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