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You really are amazing. Why do you insist on believing something as moronic as to know how I would behave in this or any other situation. I do actually have a job... and a life. I know that this may actually be a deal breaker in the understanding department for you.

If I was actually worried about the trophy loss I probably would have reported it. Quit looking at me all slack-jawed with disbelief. While I know that nothing can penetrate your skull while you are chanting this mantra of yours. I will give you another chant that may give you some solace if not understanding

Repeat the following sentence out loud .... slowly at first ....and then at a faster and faster pace until the light of wisdom touches you.

" I'm sofa king wee todd id"

Now you finally know the truth. You are welcome.


Thank you for stating the obvious. At least obvious to any reasonable thinking person that is.

Yes .. I am done with this conversation