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Migleyy, if your bank collapsed tomorrow and you lost all of your life's savings, would it be your fault you didn't withdraw everything today? If there was no advance warning, and everything was going normally up until that point?

Okay, conspiracy theorists and distrust of the unstable economy worldwide aside, this would be a good analogy.

As far as I know, this sort of outage for Nod is extremely rare, so it is not entirely reasonable to expect disaster and plan for the worst. On their side, perhaps having a contingency plan would have been better, and maybe they will take steps to avoid or shorten a repeat.

The AH is frequently full of trophies up to just before reset; which means people use them at the last minute, unless some people just don't care about the decay loss.

I don't know if you guys are playing blame-the-victim just because you have a personal grudge or because you have a lack of empathy. I guess something as wonderfully constructive as "QQ more noob" wasn't applicable because Traitor seems to have a cap level character.

So give him a break. I don't dispute the fact that he may have lost a fair bit of trophs/effort/time, and that there are likely many others that did as well. These people may not have cared enough to post, or they don't feel they need to complain because they are happy with how it was resolved. Six hours before reset is a very reasonable amount of time for anyone to expect being able to use or sell their trophies before decay, IF the service was uninterrupted and went normally. Not everyone's experience was equal; people live in different time zones, DNS propagated slower for some people, some people have limited access time, and so on and so forth.

That said, the compensation given seems generous enough, and fair considering that even those that don't play as often can find some time to take advantage of it.

Compensation wasn't required, but it is certainly good customer service--I bought 25 TCs that day or the day before and was wondering for two days if I just blew $125 only to be (potentially) rolled back. I "lost" an acknowledged 54 hrs total of paid account time across three characters because of the outage. OH WELL. Traitor, I think you can move on too. This dead horse has been beaten enough, I think... plus you have the 10% exp bonus to capitalize on.