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Again you are wrong my friend.

I was locked out before the rest of you. I have already stated that I was locked out twice. Are you having trouble reading? Maybe a trip to the ophthalmologist is in order?

Possibly my being locked out was due to some nod problem? Maybe not?

This is not, and never has been at issue. What has been at issue is the question of fault. If I am booted from Nod for any reason, (not including Nod rules violations) it is not my fault.

I know that you are having trouble with this word, so I will help you with a definition from

fault: Responsibility for a mistake or an offense; culpability. See Synonyms at blame.

If you still cannot understand the meaning of the word fault, I hope you are able to derive some meaning from the words of Robert Downy Jr. as spoken in the movie TROPIC THUNDER.

"Never go full tard"