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Originally Posted by Traitortwoface View Post
Actually, poorly said.

You do not know which rollover I was claiming to lose trophies on.

1. To expect somebody to be sitting in front of the game waiting for it to come back on line is at best ill-considered. I know that you may find this hard to believe but some people actually have jobs and real life obligations.

2. Other people actually sleep (seriously) and may have missed the 6 hour window that remained on the second day due to their world location or for other reasons.

3. Other people were not able to log back in as you stated due to DNS problems.

4 Still other people may have had a combination of problems that led to them missing a window of opportunity to sacrifice trophies.

5. Many people are simply unable to log in the last 6 hours of a Nod day.

None of these reasons are the "fault" of the NOD player.

Please fact check before jumping on the uniformed/un-thought out band wagon.
i was 1 of those that were unable to relog after the 2nd window, but i know that it didnt kick people. you had to willingly leave and then come back. which means it WAS your fault.

Originally Posted by Glitchless View Post
However you want to spin it, buddy. This patch was specifically designed to somehow screw you over.

Originally Posted by Glitchless View Post
Tell that to the crybaby archers
Originally Posted by Glitchless View Post
We are well aware of the over-dramatic reactions to game changes in an effort to skew perception. It doesn't work, just makes them look like cry babies.