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-25 rating
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Got a match against Seastar today and ran into the -25 rating for shared characters message. not that i care much about rating, i like queuing for the tokens and bonus, but i do like to try and participate for top 10, come the end of the season if it is possible. That being said, this could cause huge problems to the point of making queue unplayable, or playable to the extent of having to try and dodge your friends toons constantly, which may be unplayable for those who have jobs.

My team consists of (Kinaros) leader, and teammate : Greeneye.

Enemy Team : (Seastar) , Serasvictoria, and Stagcecle.

It's apparent Red has logged X toon (Stagcecle) , but neither myself or kinaros have logged those toons.

I've spoken with Tsutsu and he is having the same problem with Kainith, a friend of his who's toon he played for years, he played it last premade, gave the toon back to the original owner, and every time he queues against that toon, the system thinks "you played this toon recently! penalty!" , and now his friend can't queue at the same time as him, and he would have to dodge him the rest of the season.

Another situation, where Redeye's friend Majorbloodstone, played Slashh's alt last season in 3v3 anon , and now when Redeye/blackpanther/Slashh Vs Majorbloodstone/Dropkickalib/xzeroxzero he gets the -25 rating penalty, supposedly Major didn't log Slashh, he logged Messedup who is connected same Email to Slashh, and still got the penalty.

System now seems like a pain to deal with, so I'd have to write down every single toon that Greeneye, and Kinaros has logged. And then I'd have to try and dodge them? Seems a bit much. And if the season is unplayable, i would have to reform my team, or drop a toon if the problem persists. How can someone get a penalty when they haven't even logged the toon in this season ? Why are people from previous seasons receiving a penalty in a freshly started season? it makes no sense man.
Do you expect people to 1 man army this entire season with alts?

Or just hope that a group of people who have never shared or logged another toon ever can be on the same team? that's rare in this game, especially 11 years after release O.o
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