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Staff users are the only ones who could use the drains optimally.

Options for staff users to overcome regen/tank (Most op build in anon 3v3)

1/ rule of law (this is an ok option but people can shatter this gem every 30 seconds, plus there is a decent regen aura that doesnt need any m/e. Having to keep target drained is harder than you think. They use thefts and can steal the 50 m/e it costs to upkeep the x4 regen aura)

2/ Drains, to drain and prevent the tank from taunting. since they only last 5 seconds now this will be impossible to do without gimping your pouch. You would need 1/3 or 1/4 of your pouch to be drains, even then it may not be enough with bad rng and resists. Taunts dont cost much to cast and thefts will allow some taunting to get through even while getting drained.

3/ Chippy. I havnt tried using one to fight a regener. I am not sure what % of the time it procs, nearly all casters have no str and dex so the likelyhood of chippys landing hits then the listless proc activating is probably not that great.

For some regeners give them 10-15 seconds without having listless and regening fully and they will go from 50%-100%.

For me I think i wont use drains anymore. They are too underpowered and will required way too many in pouch to actually work as intended. I agree they were a bit op the way they used to be. But i think nerfing them to the point where nobody will use is a bad idea.
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