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Originally Posted by Nikolaaa View Post
And I'd disagree on some people who you discredited from his list, some people have great builds for this type of arena, maybe they are not hardcore godlike old players but if bothered could end up high
nice nikolaa, sissy would know that if he had played more than ten matches this season, it's a whole new ballgame. I keep tryin to tell him, but he still thinks its 8 seasons ago when he won a match without thorin.

Anyway's im not a dummy.

Sisix is trying to suck me into giving more info about who I am... we all know full well MA been gone awhile. He's still farmin, but you never know he might make a run for it.

Look at the top ten, theres is a lot of beatable players there... 10 tc's and LG's up for grabs. I know for a fact some of the players i listed have (or had at some point) intentions of making a run for it, but we shall see end of season now wont we.

Who knows sissy, maybe i put myself in that list just to throw you off?

But i wont be goaded into giving up details of who said what and when, even if i know im right. Id like to remain anonymous at this point because im pretty sure half of nod wants to DM me. I have been saying random crap sometimes just to sound like im outta the loop and keep people guessing.

Then again, maybe im a disgruntled glitch employee.

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