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Originally Posted by SiSiX View Post, where to even begin.

MA, hasn't played seriously in how long now?
Brooke, we you really should keep up on current events.
Paul...really, Paul? Paul's one of your "real toons"? Thorin's not a real toon but Paul is? Pau, myself, and Yado have pretty similar builds.
HK is no longer a dotter to speak of.
Alastrina has been in and out of arena. Seems to be out atm. Not some super dotter like you make the toon out to be.
Manga seems to have disappeared completely.
Enduir is another of your super toons? He's good, but...
Adnio? Really? He's a good team player, but not a super solo player.
Brikk is decent, but not some super toon.

I think Thorin might be insulted hearing he's not a real toon.
MA: agreed. doubt it's even the same MA these days.
brooke: idk what happened to brooke in arena...
paul: paul is poison dot in arena...not dd like you and yado unless you both went poison too.
HK: he hasn't shown much interest in this season. will prolly be dot next season though.
me: yeah i'm out til rush with a few bursts here and there but planning to test rush teams.
mangay: rerolled then stopped arena..guessing the toon changed hands again.
enduir: is a great tank. one of the best in the game imo idk what you mean by good but. prolly top 3 best anti caster tanks imo.
adino: i haven't seen in months
brickk: he is a top 3 tank last season and another one of the best tanks in the game...then again i haven't fought him much since he changed his build around so maybe not anymore.

i noticed you didn't mention slashh or ex...slashh is in your opinion so much better than brickk that he is a real toon and brickk is just decent? i would take brickk over slashh any day.

i'll admit ex is a real toon though... >_> god i'll never hear the end of my saying that
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