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I fight with other players 1vs1 and i blinded but their hits still touches me but i was not concerned to take account of this. Well... that can be because internet delay and their touches hits was because of lag but still...
Anyway that can be tested and recorded. Btw... if i blind target and they miss, kite and growl (if i use whips) are activated ? Because that is not so good. Those archer options will be lost and archers have only 20% chances for kite and only 10% chances to growl (if use whips, less if use just one whip) and, in my oppinion, it would be unfair.
Anyone can tell me about a good screen recorded software... please? I think i will testing myself someday.

EDIT : He he... my earlier posting was writing while Glitch has writtes already and both talking about internet delay or lag.

As about lg weapons/bow set they are not yet fully discovered. Should pass about three years before they can be discovered all if we consider the number of 15 lg's for each type of weapons (bow set, staff and melee weapons).
Thraki bow has a small damage coparared to Demontendon bow and it would been nice if Demontendon bow he had options of Thraki bow because melee don't fight with bows and their don't need Thraki bow damage but only his options. But as lg's will continued to come, maybe one of next bow will have better options then thraki and higher damage then Demontendon both in same bow.

And about blinding, again, is bad to be on opposite side of bows and be blinded, but don't forget also, archers are on opposite side of melee or casters and is not so convenient.

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