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Skreddles Unlimited now open!
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Default Skreddles Unlimited now open!

Skreddles Unlimted is now selling nod products ranging from T-Shirts to Shot glasses you name it!

Just go to today!

Currently the shop only has virtue based items and glitchless items but the inventory will grow.

If you have any ideas for any products that you would like to see feel free to post here and we will get them done as soon as we can

Get your virts on your shirts!

Gift cards now available!
Originally Posted by Glitchless View Post
There are modifiers that alter drop chance when you go AFK based on what you do when gone. We will list them here:
  • Fix and eat a sandwich +15%
  • Watch TV -5%
  • Urinate +20%
  • Finish your homework +10%
  • Stand on your head for 5+ minutes +33%

We believe these are working as intended.

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