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Glitchless, also known as Mike: game creator, smites those that don't follow the rules.

Jeff (uses Glitch icon in-game, so u need to mouseover to know who's talking to us from on high), part of Glitchless Inc. They both moderate fairly well, but one of them shows a more prominent sense of humor when speaking to us common folk.

Nikita: moderator, enforces uncivil forums and apparently rules we're not totally informed about. Jury's still out on (her?) quality of work, but at least she stopped spouting that Barney garbage.

That's the mods we have, Music is just a very opinionated player as far as I know, but there are lots of those (this is the Internet, after all). The rules are posted everywhere, follow them and you'll have no troubles. Screenie/report anyone who doesn't if they bother you, just remember to bring a sacrifice (again, this is the Internet, no shortage of virgins).
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