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Following the battle, the surviving dragons of the Council round up the soldiers remaining loyal to the deceased queen. They, alongside the corrupt Indrasil, are tried for treason and found guilty. As for the Empire, it quickly dissolved, with the individual regions reclaiming their sovereignty. Ehlmaris and his subjects are left alone to rebuild and repair the debris-strewn capital.

The former Emperor remains in his throne room for weeks, seeing no visitors or ambassadors. His world collapsed before his very eyes as he looked on, helpless. The knowledge that he ignited the spark of ambition in Allayn Warbird that caused this claws at his conscience. His mind is even further troubled by the knowledge that everything he believed in was a lie.

Word quickly spreads that his powers are no more, and rumors rise that the Gods have abandoned the world. Strengthened by the example of Indrasil, this leads quickly to the collapse of the Holy Order. As belief in the Pantheon begins to dwindle, so do the Gods themselves.

Warbird's funeral is fraught with tension. The King remains silent as the grave his wife now inhabits; the citizens of the capital do not attend, displaying the hurt in their hearts. The body being lowered into the ground is that of a traitor in their eyes - a conqueror, a tyrant. Ehlmaris clenches his fists as nobody sees his tears strike the ground.

Searches for the body of Dranath Brightmoon end in futility. Having been struck by a blast after bringing the shield down, he seemed to vanish. Legend spreads amongst the witnesses that he became one with the earth he served; the few holding on to faith in the Gods believe he was the earthly incarnation of a deity, wielding powers on par with those Ehlmaris once commanded. Everyone, however, agrees on one thing: he is gone.

Droxi, severely injured when the bond between dragon and partner was severed by Clint's death, eventually recovers. She abstains from duty with the Council, the wound left in her soul never quite healing.

The Order of the Singing Blade returns Kate to the Council in time for her husband's funeral. Her tears flow like the rains on that fateful day. The attendees - Council members, the Order, emissaries from Darislav and kingdoms far and wide - are scarcely able to lay eyes on her. She gives birth to a healthy boy months later, but the occasion only brings back the painful memories of the loss of the child's father.

Aid flows in from the countryside to the Council as the nations realize that only they can be trusted. They step up recruitment and, under the wise guidance of Thor da Bastilon, work to keep the peace throughout the newly troubled land.

((Yeah... I totally saw a happier ending when I started this over a year ago. I think I like this better, though.))

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