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I have to agree with Camli on how haste works in this game. The best reason I have for this is the 'Attack Haste' associated with Dual Weild. 100% haste does not bring your delay to 0, but rather to 1/2 the stated amount. Here's a formula for calculating it:

HastedDelay = StandardDelay * (1/(1+Haste%))

Assuming mulitiplicative bonuses (as most everything in this game is multiplicative rather than additive), and a StandardDelay of 8 seconds, you would get the following - assuming that these three modifiers were all at max:

Jeweler Class Bonus: 5%-15%
Gem Haste Aura: 4%-13%
Wizardry: 40%-80%

HastedDelay = 8.0seconds * (1/(1+15%)) * (1/(1+13%)) * (1/(1+80%)) = 3.42 seconds between gem draws.
I think you are right on this, and 3.42 sec delay really isn't that bad. Sadly though, as Hop pointed out, skill levels of 100 aren't realistic right now and getting there would be just to weak. Maybe we could talk Jeff into some recastable DOTS?
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