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Just a little pointer on the DoT gems. I have a feeling if you cast the same type of spell, what it does is reset the DoT clock, then add up the remaining damage of the last spell. Then it does damage every second by dividing the damage by the time left. It then reduces the damage and the time left.

Why is this important?

Poison for one: If you cast the green poison damage (10 dmg over 40), then the black poison damage (14 over 25), you get 24 over 25 seconds (which I've seen with my char when grouped). Best way to find out if the theory is right is to see if it works with a bow. If it does, you get a 134 damage over 25 seconds from one poison arrow and one rank 1 poison spell. You should see the damage go from 1 per sec to 5 per sec.
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