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I don't think anyone would argue that level 100 is quite a ways off at this point, I am just wondering if a build that focuses entirely on DOT damage would be viable? There are many advantages I pointed out in my original post, but if the max draw haste still leaves us a 3-4 second delay, and that being after hundreds of hours of gameplay, then this build isn't viable in my opinion. It would take over 12 seconds t cast 4 gems. I think we all know how much damage is dished out by a melee class in that amount of time even at lower levels.
Not to mention a DD casting archer. Even though the exp gains are lower, the high damage from a slow bow with the added damage from the relatively quick and constant gems. Not to mention if the archer could heal and daze. But a DOT caster would have to have a good bit of stamina to last. The reason is obvious, the mob wouldn't die very quickly, as the quickness of death would be dependent on the gems used. Nonetheless, a DOT caster would be a good group member as it provides a great constant amount of damage. One of the more reliable group members would be this one, in theory.
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