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Are you sure haste works that way? My understanding is that it works in a multiplicative fashion, increasing the number of gems you draw in a given time by that percent, rather than functioning as a reduction of the delay between draws.

8 seconds is the default draw rate, yes? 100% haste would double your drawing speed, giving you a 4 second draw -- allowing you to draw twice as many gems in the same amount of time.

For example, one of my characters is using a staff with level 4 wizardry, for 41.6% haste. Using the above calculations, my draw speed should be 4.672 seconds. However, I timed my draws at around 5.5 seconds, which is accurate with the way i believe haste works. ( 8 \ 1.416 = 5.65).

The wording on Dark Patience suggests that it increases both damage and duration, meaning the damage-per-second remains the same, making them more efficient, but not more powerful. It also makes stacking them easier, since a smaller percentage of the total damage is expended between casts.

So comparing level 0 to level 100, if cast an ignition that did 100 damage over 10 seconds, then cast it again 5 seconds later --

0 Dark Patience = 10 dps for the first 5 seconds, 15 dps for the remaining 10

100 Dark Patience = 10 dps for the first 5 seconds, 16.67 dps for the remaining 15 seconds

The skill is still worthwhile for any caster that uses DoT gems, since it's easier to stack your dots to boost dps, and makes the shorter duration dots more attractive.

I'd still say it's much more effective to combine direct damage and dot casting, however. Keep a Flare Up aura and some DD gems in your slots, and a free spot for cantrips and dots.

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