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All staff users at lvl 100 wizadry would be able to do lightning fast gem drawing.

The Short Form:
Time to reload for next gem fire = 1 second.
Normal gem draw = 8 seconds.
8 seconds - 1 second = 7 seconds (extra time between casts)
7/8 = 87.5% <-- gem haste required to get down to 1 second gem drawing.

87.5% - [40%+(40%) Lv 100 wizardy] = 7.5%
Good lvl gem haste spell 13% haste.
a 5.5% Gem Haste overkill.

Conclusion: All staff users at lvl 100 wizadry would be able to do lightning fast gem drawing.

The Long Form.
Intresting thread. actually i was pondering about the same idea. Originally i was going to be a DoT type caster, but then the Dark Patience really got to me.

I understand the damage being increased, but why the duration too?
let's say you have 10 hp damage / 10 seconds.
increase to 12 hp damage / 12 seconds. <-- that's still the sama dps.
You're just prolonging your damage.

But more idealy, I look at as damage per cast. including time inbetween casts. Essentially your gem will still finish it's full duration, except for the last couple spells. And you won't be getting any more damage while you wait for your next gem spell.

This is where the big issue with the potency of a pure DOT jewler. or rather any Caster type. Allow me to explain my findings.

As a warlock, i was trying to increase my damage. so i speed up my gem drawing by using cantrips. I figured i would be doing some awesome machine gun firing. I would get 1 or 2 or 3 after a row. Which did happen, but i spent my time waiting for my gem to ready for the next shot. Then it hit me. Gem drawing will only increase to a certain point.

Normal gem drawing is 8 seconds. and as a staff user you get 40% inate speed up in gem drawing via wizardy. Meaning you're looking at about 4.8 seconds per draw alone. Now with the potential at lvl 100 being 80% speed up. you're going to get a gem every 1.6 seconds. still without any other boosts. Take away the reloading time for a spell to next be fired, and the time spent draging and dropping and clicking. (let's say 1 second) you're down to a 0.6 second delay between shots.

0.6 seconds at that point wouldn't be noticable. especially if the battle doesn't last very long. if you use a gem haste spell you can match the speed of a jewler.

Essentially, any staff user would eventually be drawing at optimal speed in the end. But yes, the jewler would be faster until it reaches the magical 87.5% gem haste.

Hope my post is coherent and understandable.
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