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I am playing around with a idea for a build using a jeweler/caster focusing on damage over time gems and heals. I would have to focus in Blue, Black, Green and White to make this shine. I would use White damage reduction aura, the healing gems from both white and green and need only one open slot for casting my single use draws. I have a couple of things I would want to clear up before I start him.

1. By using a combination of class bonuses and skills I am seeing the endgame ability to get a draw rate in excess of 100%.

Jeweler Class Bonus: 5%-15%
Gem Haste Aura: 4%-13%
Wizardry: 40%-80%

I assume this would mean that I would be able to play gems as fast as I could draw them with my only delay being the global cool down you get after a gem is cast. As a caster who is not using re-castables, draw rate would be of the greatest importance. Would this be the case or is there a hidden draw delay that would apply?

2. Dark Patience is described as follows:
Dark Patience - Every point in this skill increases the damage and duration of black damage over time gems by 0.5% but if you have a staff equipped it affects all colors.

The staff use would allow gems from Green, White, Red and of course Black. This with gem handling and using multiple levels would allow enough DOT gems in a bag of 50 to produce a consistent draw of something useful, but I want to be clear on the part of the description where it says "damage and duration".

Toxicity 19 / Black Magic (093) / 385 Mana
Target enemy is poisoned losing 550 hitpoints over 25 seconds.

This gives a Damage Per Second of 22 and does damage/mana at 3/1 roughly with max Staves (assuming full duration). If I am reading Dark Patience correctly and it increases the damage AND duration by 50% (instead of just the duration) then it would alter the spell as follows.

Toxicity 19 / Black Magic (093) / 385 Mana
Target enemy is poisoned losing 1237 hitpoints over 37 seconds.

This gives a Damage Per Second of 33 and does damage/mana at 5/1 roughly with max Staves. This is a huge increase in effectiveness but if it is just misworded and the duration is all that is increased then then the DPS is reduced back down to 22.

The over all damage potential is massive but unlike instant damage I won't come out of the gate at full damage like some classes. I like the concept of this character as I would not have to focus much at all on several stats such as INT, and later on STR & DEX. I do see it possible to get the damage per second up to near 1000 in the first 30 seconds of a fight with the right draws.

My last question is whether or not if this was put together would it be too effective, as in would it be nerfed as soon as someone actually made this character? All the previous means nothing if I put in the time and find out that in the end it would get set back.

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