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Melee haste aura seems useless
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Default Melee haste aura seems useless

Lets suppose you have 30 sec pve fights and using rank 5 melee haste aura + rank 5 melee mana thief aura to support first one. You hope that you get +10% dps. But if you take into account that mobs daze and mesm you, say... once daze + once mesm on average per fight, then you see that you loose 2sec(daze) + 3sec(mesm) = 5 sec. fight time increased from 30sec to 35sec = you lose 5/30 = about 16.7% dps. Loose 16.7% and gain 10%, so where is the profit?!

This is more then true for pvp fights where you get perma stuns or dazed often by debrainers/dots.
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