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Flareup definitley works - but only with DD spells.

The disadvantage of flare up is that it takes up a gem slot. I'm still working out if three recastable gems is better than having flare up at the moment.

Though doing 4 points with the blue cantrips are sweet while waiting for the big guns to come out. And do 3 points.

I've just puchased the blue 3 point cantrip, so I'll let you know how that goes with flare up later. Note that flare up can only maximise to the highest damage dealt by the gem. Eg. a 1-1 point cantrip with flare up will now do 1-2 damage.

The main issue is that auras take up a gem slot, and for a free account, that is extremely restrictive.

The setup I currently have is two Recastable damage spells, one flare up and the last slot is used for DD and DoT spells. Cantrips are used (blue DD and blue/green regen cantrips) are used to fill in the spaces. I'm thinking of ditching flare up and running three recastable DD spells instead (or two recastable DD spells and spell reflection aura in blue).

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