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I'm beginning to think this patch broke something.

Pre-patch: 1,182 heroic mode fights, 10 essences = 1 essence an average of 118 fights.

Post-patch: 431 heroic mode fights, 1 essence = 1 essence an average of 431 fights.

All fights as a level 85. Most in N. Lake; a few in Goblin Swamp or Deadman's Valley. None of them were in travel mode, and accelerator was active for all of them.

If plunderfiend affects essence drop rate at all, it is currently 93 (post-patch). It was in the high 80s during the pre-patch sample.

I understand random numbers and probability, but this seems like quite a significant difference.

Can you re-check your formulas Glitchless?
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Confirming TJ correct.

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