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Gaaryule Prison
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Post Gaaryule Prison

The most vile and depraved of the criminally minded are locked away to rot for the rest of their lives in the dark stinking hole that some person had the thought to name. Though the namely certainly isn't ingenious. It rests nearly three to five miles south-west of the city walls of the capital city Gaaryule. Now, Gaaryule Prison does not only house murderers. Oh, there are indeed many depraved murderers and the like, but also many enemies of the state, such as those who have committed high treason. This group also contains a fair amount of those that the nobility or others in power just don't like.

Desmond Aarhus falls somewhere within the latter group. There are those in the position of power that do not like him. Though he has indeed committed various crimes, none that would warrant sending him to a place such as Gaaryule Prison.

The daily life within such places is horrendous, the guards regularly beat inmates for the sake of amusement. Little food or water is given. Those that are aloud out of their cells perhaps have it worse where keeping oneself alive is concerned. Chances are that somebody’s waiting to kill you, perhaps you did something that they believe was against them somehow, or perhaps they did it because they thought it would be fun or funny to watch you die.

Of course there are those that aren't aloud out from behind the bars of their cell. Even rarer are those that aren't aloud away from the short vicinity of the wall they are chained too. Just enough length for them move around their bed area.

They suffer the worse. Perhaps they don't have to worry about a prisoner killing them. But slowly, their body weakens from low use. They grow sickly and frail. They long for the sunshine, the wind. Anything but a cold damp cell with nothing to look at except for the stone walls and floor with the mostly stale air to breath. Their mind decays along with their body, fantasy their only escape from the nothingness that is now their life. Eventually they may completely loose themselves.

Desmond, or 'Shadow' as he often calls himself was in just such a predicament. He sat on his bed, back against the wall. Chains handing from his wrists and ankles, already irritating the skin from constant wear. The hunger already weakening him along with minimal use of his muscles. Not even a barred window to let anything from the outside in. Across from him, dark, damp, stone with a thick wooden door in the center of the wall with a small barred square near the top for the guards to look in at him.

One guard on his patrol in the hall looked in and sneered at him. "Ay, shadow. I see you aven't done anything yet. I thought you would have escaped by now".

"Heh, I'm just biding my time" Desmond replied "Why are you wasting time here anyway. Aren't you throwing away valuable peeping time. It is the warden's bathing time isn't it?" The guard simply scowled before walking away.

As the guard left, Shadow closed his eyes in thought I need to get out of here.

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