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Originally Posted by Syn View Post
sorry for the necropost, but a couple more viable options ...

2. get rid of your $20/mo. home phone and use cell as primary (also discourages telemarketers)
As a professional emergency manager, NO, NO, NO.

Landline telephones draw their power from the telephone lines. They work during power outages. Cell phone circuits can be easily overloaded (witness 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, and other catastrophic events), and if the region loses power, the cell phone towers go down (once they run out of generator fuel - again witness Hurricane Katrina and Rita). The only threat to a landline phone is if the telephone lines themselves go down.

We keep a good old fashion landline telephone for emergency use only. We do give it out as our incoming number. We use our cell phones for outgoing calls.

Just something to consider.
Originally Posted by Glitchless View Post
Confirming TJ correct.
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