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another helpful tip is this:

get grey magic to a skill of 5 so you can purchase free escapes(in stronhad), they dont require mana or energy and still give 50% escape, just buy 3 of those instead, that way you can burn all your mana and energy and still get away.

get green magic and white magic both to a skill of 2 so you can purchase the lower end continuous heals (in castille). these help out drastically as you can have 3 of each kind. they only heal 1 (for green) every 5 secs, and 2 (for white) every 10 secs. it's not much, but every little bit helps.

while you're at it get white magic to 8 so you can purchase Thick skin auras (stronhad) , grants party a damage shield reducing all DD and attack dmg taken by 2 every 9 secs.

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