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Arena Changes and $3.33 TCs!
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Default Arena Changes and $3.33 TCs!

Time Card Deals

The TC purchase method has been simplified. TCs come in 5, 10, 25, and 50 packs with bigger TC bonuses rather than % price discounts.

The Recruitment Skill no longer yields TC rewards, only experience. This will prevent abuse and make sure everyone is able to take advantage of the best TC prices. To offset this change, the TC packs now come with super TC bonuses:

Buying 10 TCs gives 1 extra TC (instead of 0), for 11 total.
Buying 25 TCs gives 11 extra TCs (instead of 7), for 36 total. That's $3.47 per TC!
And buying 50 TCs gives 25 extra TCs, for 75 total. That's $3.33 per TC!

We strongly recommend using PayPal, since Xsolla has a tendency to reject valid high-value orders.
Because of Xsolla's problems with rejecting valid orders, we are removing it as an option for US players and for purchasing the 50 TC option. If you wish to purchase 50 TCs and can only use Xsolla, contact for assistance.

Gift Boxes in Pairs

Gift boxes now come in pairs or two for every 50 TCs purchased rather than in singles for every 25. Timeworn Boots now works similarly, rolling 1 to 5000 instead of 1 to 2500 and rewarding pairs instead of single gift boxes.

Arena Communication

You can now communicate with your teammates in arena using /g chat. Your anonymity will be preserved if you have it, but your position will be noted so you can tell who is speaking.

Arena AFK Penalty

Players who are AFK during a match will now lose the same amount of credit toward their double drop chance that they would have gained. This should discourage AFK arenaing without being crippling if it happens on occasion. But if you're AFK >50% of the time, you'll end up with near 0% bonus--and you will have earned it, too!
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