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Possible Overcleanse Bug
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Default Possible Overcleanse Bug

So, I noticed yesterday during an arena fight, that one of my cleanses from an instant heal was more than the amount the gem healed for, which shouldn't have happened. Cleanse should be up to the heal amount, not over, right? Ok then:

I have ticking HoTs to keep me @ full hp while andre is DoT'n me, and then doublecast everlasting 12. The first cleanse works correctly, clearing a good portion of the heal(was slightly under full hp, either the 375 hit or a dot tick, with overcleanse 95 and a little hp regened, this works out), but the 2nd cleanse, being @ full hp, works for 3k? when the instant heal is only 1786. I dont' think we were quite into bonus during the duel either, only 1:30 or so in...just in case the cleanses were being affected by time in teh duel!

Heals OP! Please don't fix, kthnx Glitchluff!

Edit - I just did a little math. With my 95 overcleanse, 1786 becomes a 1696.7 cleanse, so 1696 should be cured. Adding that to the original 1358 cleanse gives the 3054 on the 2nd one, so I imagine it is just adding them together for the cleanse on 2nd cast?

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