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Originally Posted by Syn View Post
okay, sorry, but from a newb perspective, I'm about as confused and frustrated with this game enough to want a refund on the hours spent trying to muddle my way through the learning curve and wash my hands of the whole thing. it's not intuitive or user friendly. it's awkward and frustrating.

I'm posting this here since my main gripe is about the crafting. I saw the "RPG Test" sigs and tags on another gaming forum and took the test. scored as a "craftsman" okay, fair enough, then realized there was a corresponding game, so nice gimmick. worked like a charm getting me here.

made my first character, but after having spent about a month on WoW a couple years ago before tiring of the repetitious boredom and grinding of that game, I thought I had a basic sense of what crafting might require and the work involved, so rather than making my first char a craftsman, I decided for more of an adventurer type to get my feet wet.

made an Angel class for the novelty, but rerolled after realizing they lacked in the basic offense of the initial melee requirements of the starting area and couldn't even heal myself (sigh). opted for Archer on the reroll paying closer attention to starting skill bonuses and seeing they were much better on the offense of both magic and melee (weapon) skills (+20% to both).

worked out much better, plus thought I might start getting my feet wet around some basic crafting as a "hunter" type. so grinding my way through the starting area quests around the abandoned dock area to the east of castille realized the repetition involved.

I was pretty happy with my Archer though when he soloed the boss in that area netting a fishing pole. cool, first tool. did some fishing, caught some fish. remembered the Scaling Knife for sale in the General Store. bought it and scaled my fish netting me ... scales. hrm, okay, now what?

put that aside and went back for more quests, this time sending me west to the second stage area. okay, cool. hey, even better, I can hunt here with my bow. got a few Mongoose. well, what exactly am I supposed to do with these? skin them? tan the hides? make leather and maybe some basic armor?

sounds straightforward, except on my return to castille, I found a tanning rack to stretch hides, and infinite supply of scaling knives, but not a single skinning knife anywhere. okay, so now what? time to look for some help so I come here and find ... I have to BUY the item I want to CRAFT before I can craft it? break it to get a "recipe" that I have to COPY to use for which I need another tool?

sorry, but that's just retarded. not only that, but I tried to anticipate the next "fetch" quest and had the next items in my inventory when I went back and turned in the first quest, but the quest-giver (Seer) didn't recognize I already had them in my inventory and still seemed to expect me to go fetch more. sorry, all the extra grinding is a waste of my time.

in the future, try to make the quest-givers recognize when you've already met the requirements. I didn't even make it past level three before getting confused and frustrated enough trying to muddle through this mess and figure out which hoops I'm supposed to jump through to do what that I'm ready to completely retire this account.

I just thought it might be worthwhile to go ahead and give you guys some feedback from a casual gamer. only the most hardcore diehard gamers are going to have the patience to devote to this endeavor. playing should be fun. not a chore so put the basics in the the basic areas where they're needed and let the players like me have fun trying to experiment and do a few random tasks.

like I said, all I wanted or needed was a basic skinning knife in the starter area to get some basic leather hides out of. the spider silk and spindle were straightforward enough, but the rest just leaves you scratching your head. I should be able to skin my kills, stretch the hides, tan them and with those and some basic simple thread piece together a basic starter Tier 1 leather suit of armor like what I bought at the armor shop, WITHOUT having to buy what I'm trying to make first. if I have to buy it first, then what exactly is the point of Crafting?

I can only imagine the hoops my Archer will have to jump through for Fletching. oh, wait. don't tell me. I have to go buy the bow I want to craft first? *facepalm* (epic fail guys).
Who is your ingame character?

Yes, the crafting can be a bit silly at times and the quest doesn't recognize items that you have already collected. But the quests are more of a guide as to where to go, what to kill, etc and only recently have started giving decent rewards. They are skippable if you get frustrated with finding a fang or something and even optional all together.

Crafting is not recommended for low levels as it costs a lot to get started and even more if you intend on making a profit eventually. Resourcing, however, can be handy as an unpaid player as you can get the materials to get your own enchanting stones with somewhat ease.

The good thing about this game is you are not confined to a specific build. An archer class can use magic and melee, a warrior class can use a staff and gems, a caster class can be melee. Its what ever you want it to be and if you don't like one build you can reroll and try another with boon. I am an archer/ranger that uses whips and Damage Over Time gems, how many other games would let me become anything i want such as that?

I can try to help you in game if you want. Message Rogue (the pm command is /t Rogue {message}) if you decide to give it another chance.

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