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as you said no more hijacking the thread but i will say this you obviously dont know me very well...every time i respond so most ideas i dont just go with the majority i read the topic and generally the only reason i read the other posts is to see if they have given any good reasons for or against it...i support most of my reasonings for agreeing and disagreeing and i know several others that do...yes people try to fit into social outlines but from my pov that elevator experiement was missing some variables the guy tried to fit in with the majority of the ppl in the elevatow what about if only 2 of the 3 ppl turned around...what if only 1? ...btw i study science so i analyze experiements when they put before me no matter the topin but it seems to me thats an incomplete experiement u posted....either way not everyone conforms to basic phscology either.....

back to newbie questions tho
Originally Posted by Glitchless View Post
There are modifiers that alter drop chance when you go AFK based on what you do when gone. We will list them here:
  • Fix and eat a sandwich +15%
  • Watch TV -5%
  • Urinate +20%
  • Finish your homework +10%
  • Stand on your head for 5+ minutes +33%

We believe these are working as intended.
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