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Originally Posted by Pasterqb View Post
The more online game I play the more I realize that the makers don't care about making a good/better game. As previously stated it is a business and is their job so they need the money to pay to host the game and for their time. But I see makers choose te money making option over the better game play update everytime which is expected.
Well yes it is a business and the developer has every right to make money on his product. But it is not strictly a make money vs. please the customer dichotomy as you suggest. In fact, the developer will always make more money if he creates a product that the customer will enjoy; after all fewer people will pay if the product is crappy.

THE TRUTH IS THAT PEOPLE LOVE TO COMPLAIN and they find every reason to complain.

Take for example the fading interface update. It was posted in the ideas and suggestion part of the forums. The poster said that he would be happy if he could see the artwork which was being blocked by the interface; the idea received enthusiastic support when it was posted.

When Glitchless actually responded to the player base and implemented the update half the people went loco.

Omg omg I can't see. helpppp. I can't see my gems. Oh mai gawd. My eyez. It burnzzzzzz.

The thing was clearly visible even when faded out. Plus all you had to do was put your mouse cursor over it and it would never fade out. The complaints however were ridiculous, some of them coming from the very people who had originally supported the idea.

Plus what is the person who started this thread doing. He is COMPLAINING. The payment options were clearly visible when he started playing the game. He could have decided what he wanted to pay for before he payed instead of complaining subsequently.

Originally Posted by Pasterqb View Post
If you don't spend money there is no Nodiatis simple as that.
You can play this game without spending any money. The trickiest part is saving up for that first tc. The company needs people to spend money on the game but even free accounts that purchase tc's with gold drive the economy and are valuable [if they weren't buying the tc's there would be less demand for them and hence less money spent on the game].

Originally Posted by Pasterqb View Post
But seeing as how you said you already spent money it appears you want free stuff just cause you bought something
Yes I agree.

Originally Posted by Pasterqb View Post
but I would like to see updtea with better gameplay
We all like updates with better gameplay.

However, we can't agree about what better gameplay is. I could argue that the pk updates make for better gameplay. No matter what Glitchless does, there will be people who go nuts. Atleast before the mass crowd phenomen kicks in. Once a bunch of people start complaining, then everyone starts complaining. Or once some people like it, everyone else likes it. Forums are heaven for someone who studies psychology and sociology.
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